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So that’s how you pee.

Since I am going on a super duper safari in March I needed a good telephoto lens. First I thought I rent one but when I found out that costed nearly as much as Tamrons new 150-600 I decided to buy one instead. On the Photo fair in Stockholm this weekend I finally got my hands on one. Of course I wanted to try the lens out immediately and the most Savannah like place I could think of nearby was the doggy park at Drottningholm, just outside Stockholm. I must say I am pretty pleased after my first attempt.

So that’s how you pee

Why is that little thing barking?

I don’t think this is fun.

Please give me a treat!

Hey, don’t you think I’m good looking!

Look at the sharpness in the last picture, 600mm 1/160sek hand held!

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